The Kitchen Revolution: A Year of Time-and-Money-Saving Recipes
Kitchen Revolution
Kitchen Revolution

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Kitchen Revolution
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Kitchen Revolution

Tired of deciding what to cook? Want to maximise your meals, with minimum time in the kitchen? The Kitchen Revolution is the life-saving cookbook you’ve been waiting for – home cooking using fresh, seasonal produce, with weekly planners, recipes and shopping lists that will enable you to maximise the weekly shop for you and the family. It’s the ‘back to basics’ approach, minimising waste through thoughtful shopping and a little preparation.

Each week features a Big Meal from Scratch (a delicious, filling meal for the whole family); Something for Nothing (two easy meals that use leftovers in a tasty and inspiring way); a Seasonal Supper (a quick, simple supper made from seasonal ingredients); Larder Feast (for when the fridge is bare, a whole meal just from storecupboard ingredients) and a 2 for 1 meal (a comforting meal that freezes well so that you can eat half immediately, and store half in the freezer).

This website will feature the current week’s recipes as well as recipe and ingredient lists for the whole year. Check back each week for a brand new set of recipes or buy the book to get the full recipe set as well as extra pudding recipes and helpful tips on choosing the best ingredients.

Kitchen Revolution
Shopping List
Meat and fish
* 250 g smoked haddock fillets
* 200 g white fish fillets, such as pollack or frozen coley
* 200 g large raw peeled prawns
* 4 rump or sirloin steaks, approx. 600–800 g
* 200–300 g good quality sliced ham

* 11 free-range eggs
* 105 ...

Kitchen Revolution
The Kitchen Revolution

Kitchen Revolution With foolproof recipes for every kind of occasion, they’ll guarantee that you’re making the most of your cooker, fridge, freezer and store-cupboard to create healthy and economical meals.

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